ACHE-MN Committees

Membership and Advancement:  The Membership and Advancement Committee is responsible for analyzing and developing strategies for meeting new, potential and existing member needs.  In addition, it is responsible for analyzing and implementing strategies for advancing membership with achieving FACHE status.

Education:  The Education Committee shall work with the Board of Directors to offer education and in most cases networking programs to members.  It shall assure that the Chapter offers at least the maximum number of ACHE supported Face-to-Face Continuing Education eligible events per year

Communications: The Chapter Communications Committee is responsible for publication and distribution of the newsletter and all other materials through traditional media as well as our chapter website and Social Media platforms

•   The Chair will assign committee members to collaborate with Membership and Advancement, Education, Mentorship and other committee chairs to ensure that each committee has information represented on the website and social media sites

•   The Chair is encouraged to identify a Co-chair for Promotion who would be responsible for promoting events and other important activities to the media and healthcare related organizations and a Co-Chair for Communications to assist in implementing the Social Media strategy including managing and monitoring chapter groups such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. as well as manage any website issues.

Sponsorship and Development (Events):   The Events Committee is responsible for supporting the sponsorship strategy by leading the execution of fundraising activities, including securing event-specific, annual and special project-specific funds.  This Committee has responsibility for maintaining a prospect and client database to coordinate the execution of sales as well as sold deliverables with updates and be provided to the Board.  This Chair will work with the Communications Chair to keep the sponsorship promotional materials current.

Diversity & Inclusion:  The Diversity and Inclusion Committee will be responsible for developing policies and initiatives that foster an inclusive environment that recognizes the contributions and supports the advancement of all, regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, religion, age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability. An inclusive environment can enhance the quality of healthcare, improve hospital/community relations, and positively affect the health status of society.  In addition, the committee will work to develop and/or maintain strategic relationships with other healthcare societies.