Conversation with the President

We are pleased to share this important and impactful podcast conversation with ACHE MN President, Katie Kummer, FACHE. As Katie reflects on her time with ACHE, she shares how ACHE has supported her throughout her career, her passion for learning, an impactful project she worked on, and her leadership style to empower those around her.

Rural Healthcare Conversation

Our latest episode is a Rural Healthcare Conversation with Sally Buck, FACHE, CEO at the National Rural Health Resource Center. Hear directly from Sally about the unique challenges rural healthcare providers face and potential solutions to address them from telemedicine, recruitment, retention, and more.

Conversation with the President

Join us as we listen in on a conversation with Kaia Yngve, FACHE, and President of the Minnesota Chapter of ACHE and Abraham Doolhoff, MHA Operations Administrator at Mayo Clinic. In this episode, get to know Kaia and what makes her tick and learn of some of the moments that helped to form her leadership style.

How Mentorship Can Impact Your Career in Healthcare Leadership

Tune in to our latest podcast discussion on mentorship between Thomas Harris Jr.,FACHE, Executive Vice President of Operations at Gillette Children’s and Abraham Doolhoff, Operations Administrator at Mayo Clinic. Hear what mentorship means to Thomas and how his mentor/mentee relationships have helped him navigate his career in healthcare leadership.

Coffee with the President – Episode 5

You won’t want to miss Kathy Zavaleta’s final Coffee with the President podcast series. In this episode she reflects on leadership challenges and the benefits of having trusted ACHE colleagues to help you navigate not-so-simple dilemmas, that leaders inevitably face. Kathy Zavaleta talks about how membership can pay off in unexpected ways.

ACHE MN Podcast – Kathy Zavaleta and Anthony Ashby

ACHE MN has partnered with the National Association of Health Services Executives (NAHSE) Heartland Chapter and in this podcast episode you will hear from ACHE MN president Kathy Zavaleta, FACHE speaking with NAHSE Heartland Chapter president Anthony Ashby, FACHE. You will learn about the synergies between these two organizations and the combined commitment to enhancing healthcare leadership.

Coffee with the President – Episode 4

In this episode of Coffee with the President Podcast, ACHE MN president Kathy Zavaleta shares how ACHE has shaped her career in unexpected ways.

Coffee with the President – Episode 3

In this episode of Coffee with the President Podcast, ACHE MN president Kathy Zavaleta, FACHE shares one of her many stories from volunteering with the chapter and this one includes some unexpected hurdles and how she was able to turn a disastrous event into a growth opportunity and the unexpected benefits that came from it. Volunteering for the ACHE MN chapter is a great place to stretch in your role professionally as well as to contribute to the overall mission of advancing healthcare.

Coffee with the President – Episode 2

Listen to the insightful message from ACHE MN president Kathy Zavaleta as she shares a personal and professional story during a career transition phase and how ACHE played a role. This episode of Coffee with the President Podcast sparks hope and sheds light on the invaluable connections that can come from being a member of ACHE.

ACHE MN Podcast – Mentorship

Our ACHE MN podcast this month is focused on mentorship and moderated by Geoff Kauffman, FACHE, vice president of biomedical services for the American Red Cross interviewing Himakshi Jhala FACHE, operations administrator, Mayo Clinic, Rochester where they discuss their experiences and the importance and value of being both a mentor and a mentee. You will enjoy hearing about Himakshi’s journey from being a dentist in India to a leader in healthcare in Rochester, MN and the impact mentorship had on her journey.

Coffee with the President – Episode 1

Hear from ACHE MN President, Kathy Zavaleta, FACHE, as she provides insights into the work of the ACHE MN Board, strategic planning efforts and the benefits of building community with healthcare leaders from across the state.