Welcome Early Careerists!

Early Careerists Memberships

The Minnesota Chapter of ACHE (MN-ACHE) is proud to support early careerists under 40 years old through a variety of educational resources including reduced admittance to educational events and a reduced-rate ACHE membership.

Benefits of ACHE Early Careerists Membership and involvement with the Minnesota Chapter of ACHE

  • Committee member opportunities where early careerists and student members can collaborate with ACHE executives across the country in solving some of the greatest challenges the healthcare industry faces today.
  • Networking and professional development opportunities

In addition, ACHE MN partners with The University of Minnesota, University of St. Thomas, and St. Mary’s University of Minnesota graduate programs to offer an array of ongoing professional development and educational opportunities.

Participate in your local MN chapter of ACHE for these top five reasons:

  1. Access chapter resources, including Web sites that offer local job postings and online membership directories.
  2. Network with executives who share your community commitment and discuss local healthcare news and challenges.
  3. Earn the FACHE credential with your peers! Chapters have the resources to conduct information sessions and study groups.
  4. Sharpen your leadership skills by serving on a chapter committee or task force.
  5. Attend educational programs that count toward earning or recertifying your ACHE credential without incurring hefty travel expenses.

The Early Careerist Network (ECN)

If you are a full Member or Fellow of ACHE, and you are under the age of 40, you automatically belong to the Early Careerist Network. The ECN’s resources, many of which are available online here, are designed to help you face the increasingly complex professional challenges you face. Build career momentum with the Early Careerist Network, with benefits that include the Early Careerist Newsletter, ACHE discounts, educational programs and networking and mentoring opportunities.

Learn more about the ECN  here: https://www.ache.org/mbership/ecn/earlycareernetwork.cfm