March 8, 2021 - Message from the ACHE MN President

The Congress of Healthcare Leaders is one of those ‘circle the date’ events. My favorite part of Congress has always been the Convocation of Fellows. Imagine, for a moment, the grand ballroom filled with excitement as the Convocation of the American College of Healthcare Executives gets underway. I can picture the 2019 event: the procession of new Fellows, the Board of Regents, and the Board of Governors, robed in the equivalent of academic regalia. I can still feel the warmth of the bright light from the oversized glass windows, reflecting off the giant chandelier casting a special glow. I picture the hundreds of people gathered to celebrate our individual and collective accomplishments.

The 2019 Convocation for Fellows seems long ago now. In 2020, Congress was cancelled and the preceding Convocation of Fellows. The reality of the pandemic was becoming agonizingly clear. Yet, I still feel the thrill of seeing the Minnesota contingent cross the stage, framed by the bright colored flags of our nation and the College. I never think twice about attending. It’s something I anticipate with enthusiasm, a circled date on the calendar! The glow of inspiration shared with so many of my colleagues hasn’t dimmed.

While the year 2021 brings little certainty, I’ve circled the 2021 Congress date. I and your Board of Directors approach 2021 with enthusiasm. When 2021 fades to 2022, we’ll still be overflowing with excitement. We’ll say that 2021 was the inflection point for the chapter. We’ll tell you how we have built on the foundation of so many volunteer leaders before us. We’ll tell you how we have systematically improved operations and prepared for sustainable expansion in programming. We’ll share with you our commitment to our members and our communities. We’ll share what it means to be part of the preeminent professional society in Minnesota for leaders dedicated to improving health.

The legacy of 2021 will include our stories about how we grew our programs. We will reflect on new achievements despite the uncertainties, extraordinary demands placed on healthcare, and our personal challenges. Indeed, we offer new ways to collaborate and to engage. Our programs supply a space to be heard and to learn. As your professional society we have a multitude of ways to connect.

If time allows, please do consider volunteering for one of our Committees. Think about serving as a mentor for another member—even on a short-time basis. Learn more about becoming a Fellow and the programs that will support your journey. Whether or not you’re a fan of traditional academic convocations, circle the 2021 dates for events which resonate with you.

Learn more about the MN ACHE Chapter by visiting our website at and follow us on LinkedIn at Reach out through any of our social media platforms or feel free to email us at [email protected].